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Located in Atlanta, GA

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When the College waters get rough,
we will help you get through it.

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Be the HERO of your own story.

HERO House Recovery Residence

home_missionFounded by Randy Haveson, The HERO House is a sober living, recovery residence program for college students in early sobriety from addictions. We work with young men who want to learn how to balance their education with their recovery.

Many of our students come from primary or extended care treatment programs, but some come to us having prior recovery experience and need a supportive environment to learn the skills necessary to maintain sobriety while beginning or continuing their education.

Our program is based on the concept that if you raise a person’s self-esteem, everything in their life improves. Relapse rates go down for those who have a positive sense of self. Educational success becomes greater as well as the individual’s ability to manage their daily lives. That’s what we strive for at The HERO House. We work on three different parts of the individual. We work on their recovery, their education, and life-skills. When a person graduates our program, they have maintained sobriety for a number of months while balancing school work and being a positive member of the community.

A Collegiate Recovery Residence


Take a tour of the HERO House and what life’s like here. Yes, we do have a curfew and you will be drug tested, but one of our main goals is to teach our students how to have fun in sobriety. From rock climbing and trampoline dodge ball to museums and plays, we offer a variety of experiences that will help you learn that sobriety can be fun (and you remember everything the next day!). More...


There’s nothing in the “Parenting 101” manual that prepares you for having a child with the disease of addiction. Our goal for parents is to help you in your recovery as well as supporting the recovery of your child. Our family workshops and regular phone calls keep families updated on the progress of their loved ones. More...


Our goal is to provide a seamless transition from primary care to our program. We communicate regularly with treatment professionals who refer someone to our program and we strive to maintain the highest level of professionalism and integrity when working with you and your clients. More...

HERO House is the proud winner of the 2011 Outstanding Recovery Residence of the Year - awarded by the Georgia Association of Recovery Residences